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Dandeli Trip – Day 1

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Day 1 – After reaching the lodge, I spoke to a person name Ravi (@9986031762). I cam to know about him through a common friend. He has got a resort and organises activities in Dandeli. If you go unplanned this is what happens – Ravi was not there in town. Fortunately he was returning back and said he should be reaching by noon.

I met Ravi in the afternoon and discussed as to what could be done. He introduced me to his friend Manjunath (@9900671757). So the whole day I was just wandering here and there. I went to Manju’s resort in the night. There was a family from Pune staying at his resort (no place for me to stay, so I had to stick with the same old lodge for few more days). We had dinner together along side a small fire. I have to say that the dinner was really tasty.

While having dinner, we heard some nice, which was coming from the tree. It was as if someone is jumping from one tree to the other or from a branch to other branch. Along with Manju we spotted the Flying Squirrel as its called.

Wiki –
According to Wiki “Flying squirrels are not capable of sustained flight, instead they glide between trees, with flights recorded to 90 meters”.

After having nice dinner, we went on the track, it was very dark outside. This resort is very close to Kali River. We went up the place where a bridge is constructed. The sound of water flowing, when there was no disturbance and in complete darkness was amazing.

That’s it so day 1 passes by silently.


Written by Sushil Katre

January 30, 2010 at 9:59 AM

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