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31st July 2010 – One of the worst days of my life..

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Date: 29th July 2010

I returned after one and a half month and found that Tripod has started staying near my house and this area becomes his new territory. I realized that Tripod has changed a lot. It was the same old Tripod in front of me, but had started chasing cyclists, pedestrians and others.


I am not sure what happened in that one and a half month. But with me it was still friendly, wagging its tail, playing around with me. It started barking a lot and I came to know it has bitten a couple of people. I received requests to call the local municipal authorities so that Tripod can be taken out from the street. I got in touch with the same lady who helped me earlier and we figured out its probably not sterilized and is aggressive because of the heat. The other possible reason could be misbehavior by someone hence, chasing people.


Finally we decided that we have to get Tripod sterilized first. So I got in touch with a local animal rights organization. I called them up on 30th July 2010. They never turned up. I was getting frustrated and disturbed as Tripod was still creating problems on the street. I managed to confine him in the gallery area between the house wall and the boundary wall. It’s big enough for him to roam around.

It still kept barking on people roaming outside. During the day its still fine. But Tripod kept barking most of the time in the night. Somehow the night passed by.

It was 31st July 2010 and I was worried. I called that organization again and requested them to pick Tripod today, as they will not be working on Sunday and from Monday onwards there won’t be anyone at home to handover Tripod to them. I kept calling them throughout the day. They kept assuring me that they will come.

In the mean while on elderly women came to my house. She was a victim of Tripod. First she was taking sweet, but in a while I realized that she is of the opinion of putting Tripod to sleep. A healthy dog, thanks to us people who made him Tripod from Quadrapod, when started complaining should be put to sleep. Tripod was still not misbehaving with me. Someone has really hurt him and the heat has aggravated his anger.


Who are we to put them to sleep? When Swine Flu breaks out, did we put infected people to sleep just because they were infected and could have potentially harmed others? No. Then why animals? What happens when you get the news about bird flu. Grand Massacre… She wanted to get the help of local municipal to put Tripod to sleep, which they always do with any animal, as they have got nothing to take care of an animal.

I was feeling helpless. If nothing could be done today, I’ll probably lose the chance to save Tripod, as eventually local municipal will be called and they have a standard treatment for all. I was going out every now and then, looking at Tripod and Tripod was still behaving nicely with me.

After numerous calls to the organization they finally turned up.


Other organizations would have put the foot down and would have refused to send a vehicle to pick Tripod. Me and my friend knows what happened with the Pigeon which was seriously ill and we took it to one of the shelters. At the organization with which I was dealing do not opt for it as the first option. So these guys came at around 6:15PM and took Tripod with them. Tripod will be taken to their hospital where it will be operated on 2nd August 2010. After that Tripod will be taken to the shelter and will be there under examination to see why it was reacting so strangely. If we feel Tripod is not a threat anymore to people it will be back on the streets, otherwise Tripod will have to be kept in the shelter.

That’s Tripod’s Destiny. I have lost Tripod. I didn’t find Tripod tonight in front of my house asking for food. That day may never come again.



Written by Sushil Katre

August 1, 2010 at 4:57 AM

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