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When I first met Tripod

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Tripod (Stray Dog)

It was 30th April 2010, when I was feeding one of the stray dogs outside my house and I saw a dog approaching me, wagging its tail with enthusiasm expecting a feed from me. I offered him some biscuits and it happily accepted it. After some time when the food was over, it started going away and I observed that it was walking on three legs. One of his leg was twisted, the front right one.


I didn’t bothered too much at that moment, but later I thought I should go see what’s wrong with him. I started searching for him and after some time I managed to find him. He also recognised me and was very friendly. Its front right leg was broken. However it was doing well in those circumstances. Since it was already late in the night I was not able to do anything. So I came back and went on the search the next day. I failed to find him during the day time and was disappointed. I kept searching him and finally found him when it was dark. By this time he started recognising me and was very friendly. It allowed me to touch him. I called up a close by Vet but he was not willing to come down and examine the dog on the street, so I decided to take him to the vet clinic.

With great difficulty I managed to take him to the clinic, as there were other street dogs protecting their territory, not excepting any kind of invasion by two new dogs. By the time I reached the clinic it was 9:30PM and was closed. I returned helplessly.

I started looking for some help online and got in touch with a lady [I can’t take her name,as I do not have appropriate permissions]. She was kind enough to redirect me to some Vets.

Date : 2nd May 2010. It was a Sunday and the Vet Clinic where I went, remains close on Sunday second half. So that option was gone. I called up the other Vet whose reference was given to me by that lady. I described him about the dog. He agreed to visit my place to have a look at the dog, but requested me to get the dog in a confined area. The dog willingly came inside my house and in some the vet also arrived with his kit. He saw the dog and said that we’ll have to give a dose of anesthesia to the dog. After putting the mouth cover (muzzle), he gave him the shot. We took him on the back side of the house so that he can vomit there. I was not aware that after anesthesia shot they vomit. We saw him vomiting and the next moment I saw him eating the same vomit. The poor fellow was so hungry. So the vet gave him another small shot and the dog came inside. It was almost asleep when we were trying to put newspaper on the ground and during that time it kissed me on my hand. It pained a lot, the vet cleaned my wound. Thanks to this guy, I had to take 5 injections. Much better than the old days when I guess 14 shots used to be given. Then he started examining the other dog who was lying flat on the ground. He said its an old injury. Someone must ave hit him by the vehicle. It had three fractures on the leg and the injury was about 3-4 months old. The vet said by this time all the fractures have fused and nothing could be done now. His leg will remain like this. Finally at around 1AM the dog woke up from the deep sleep and was walking as if its drunk. Within 15 minutes it was normal and went on the street.

Together with one of my friends we named him Tripod.

Looking in to the camera

Time passed by and it became a routine to feed him. I had to go and search for him initially but after few days e used to come to my house in the night for dinner. Once I left the door opened by mistake and I found him inside my house.

No there isin't anything to eat..

This is how I found my friend Tripod.


Written by Sushil Katre

August 1, 2010 at 4:54 AM

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