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Tripod is gone

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15th Aug 2010 – Indian Independence Day.

It was Sunday and I decided to go and see Tripod. I parked my bike and was expecting a similar welcome as I received the first time from Tripod. As I was approaching towards the shelter I sensed that something is wrong. Anyway the open dogs there surrounded us and I continued walking towards the open shelter towards my right. Another few minutes and I was told that Tripod has ran away. This happened 2-3 days ago and there was no trace of Tripod.

I came to know that a lady had visited the shelter few days back to take her dog back that she had brought here for treatment. She heard Tripod howling, and she decided let him out of the kennel for some time. Tripod even went and sat inside her car. She wanted to take him along as well but could not do so as she was already looking after 6-7 dogs. So she led him back and gave him stuff to eat. She asked the watchman to put him back into his kennel and then left.

Before the watchman could have put him inside the kennel Tripod started running behind her vehicle and eventually disappeared.

I heard the complete incidence and consoled myself. In some time I was on my way back, and while driving back my eyes were halting on every dog to see if that’s Tripod.

I don’t know if Tripod Disappeared or found Independence from that shelter. It was Independence Day. I may never come to know what really happened with him, where he is, whether he’s alive or dead. It’s almost 8-9 days now and it has not returned. Tripod may never return. I hope wherever he is, he remains happy.

Tubelight in the Eye

Written by Sushil Katre

August 20, 2010 at 1:38 AM

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