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It was about 5:15 AM and I woke up all of a sudden. Usually on a regular day it’s very difficult for me to get up even by 8:00AM. Today was not a regular day. Wondering what to do, I opened my laptop which was lying next to me. After checking office mails I moved to personal mails. I went through the mails, deleted the unwanted, and then started reading a mail from one of my friends. After reading the mail I felt a little bad. I had nothing to do so I went to bed once again. But I was not able to sleep and again and again my mind was taking me to what was written in that mail. It’s about a woman who is American and Burmese descent. She begs on the streets of Bangalore. For what? For her 7 pet dogs. She was working as a Dog Trainer untill she met with an accident and life took a wrong turn from there. She is not ready to sell any of her 7 dogs and in order to take care of her pets she has gone to an extent of begging on the streets.

Here’s the complete story which was published in Bangalore Mirror on 26th September 2010 –

This sheer though of someone begging on the streets to take care of pets was really disturbing and I started asking myself, what yould you have done, had you been in similar situation???

I didn’t had any answer… Will I go to an extent of begging??? I don’t know… I really do not have any answer for this question and I guess I’ll not be able to get any untill I go thorough the same situation.

Anyway, there were quiet a few people out there who wanted to help this lady and they are planning to organize a sort of contribution camp on 2nd/3rd October 2010 which is coming Saturday/Sunday.

I wish she gets operated, gets well soon and resume her job so that she can take care of her dogs.

Life is Tough, Tougher than what you think…


Written by Sushil Katre

September 30, 2010 at 4:55 PM

Posted in Dogs

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