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Ragihalli – Bird Photography

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Three of us decided to go for bird photography. We started serching for places near by and zeroed on to Ragihalli. No one of us had been there earlier. Collected some information online, had a tea in the morning and left at 5:00AM. We started driving towards Bannerghatta National Park on Apache RTR 160CC (mine) and 180CC.

We corrsed Gottigeri and then reached a junction where we had to take a left at Bannerghatta Police Station. We continued on the same road for about 2.5Kms and found that we have crossed Ragihalli Gate. We drove back to Ragihalli Gate and took a left turn (would have taken right turn if not crossed it). There was a person standing there who warned us of elephants in that area and suggest we should wait for some time as it was still dark.

After some time we started driving in and reached the forest area of Bannerghatta National Park. We heard the roar of Lions 🙂 Started looking for birds. There were many birds out there. Quiet a few small birds, hopping here and there. We stopped at multiple places to take photographs.

The best place to sight birds were on the overhead electric wires and some open spaces. 

It was cloudy that day and in some time it started drizziling as well. But we kept taking photographs. One thing I realised that its not worth following the birds. As soon as they become aware of you, they’ll change the place immediately and will lead you deep into the forest. Instead if you remain steady at the same location after some time they’ll start coming back as they can see you are not there to harm them. We kept going futher and futher. We spotted a beautiful Kingfisher and as soon as we stopped our bikes, pointed the camera it was gone. We waited there for about 20-25mins and saw it once again but not in the reach of our small cameras. Finally we reached a village, had a tea over there and started coming back. While coming back they showed pity on us and at one stop we saw multiple birds. It seemed as if they were posing for us.

   These birds were so colorful, so cheering that I felt like staying there forever.

 But whatever starts has to finish. After the last stop, the rain started getting heavier and then we didn’t stopped anywhere. Our cameras were packed inside and we starting moving back towards the crowded city.




I was completely drenched when I reached home. Just the way I started the trip with tea, I ended it with a tea. Overall a lovely place to visit to do bird photography. Will plan to go there again soon.

You can view rest of the photographs here.

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Written by Sushil Katre

November 8, 2010 at 3:56 PM

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