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White Cheeked Barbet

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White Cheeked Barbet by Sushil Katre
White Cheeked Barbet, a photo by Sushil Katre on Flickr.

Baby white cheeked barbet in front of our house. This is the nest of the barbet in the hole of the tree. We observed two other adult barbets flying in and out of the nest. This nest is visible from our kitchen 🙂


Written by Sushil Katre

April 3, 2013 at 3:11 PM

Ragihalli – Bird Photography

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Three of us decided to go for bird photography. We started serching for places near by and zeroed on to Ragihalli. No one of us had been there earlier. Collected some information online, had a tea in the morning and left at 5:00AM. We started driving towards Bannerghatta National Park on Apache RTR 160CC (mine) and 180CC.

We corrsed Gottigeri and then reached a junction where we had to take a left at Bannerghatta Police Station. We continued on the same road for about 2.5Kms and found that we have crossed Ragihalli Gate. We drove back to Ragihalli Gate and took a left turn (would have taken right turn if not crossed it). There was a person standing there who warned us of elephants in that area and suggest we should wait for some time as it was still dark.

After some time we started driving in and reached the forest area of Bannerghatta National Park. We heard the roar of Lions 🙂 Started looking for birds. There were many birds out there. Quiet a few small birds, hopping here and there. We stopped at multiple places to take photographs.

The best place to sight birds were on the overhead electric wires and some open spaces. 

It was cloudy that day and in some time it started drizziling as well. But we kept taking photographs. One thing I realised that its not worth following the birds. As soon as they become aware of you, they’ll change the place immediately and will lead you deep into the forest. Instead if you remain steady at the same location after some time they’ll start coming back as they can see you are not there to harm them. We kept going futher and futher. We spotted a beautiful Kingfisher and as soon as we stopped our bikes, pointed the camera it was gone. We waited there for about 20-25mins and saw it once again but not in the reach of our small cameras. Finally we reached a village, had a tea over there and started coming back. While coming back they showed pity on us and at one stop we saw multiple birds. It seemed as if they were posing for us.

   These birds were so colorful, so cheering that I felt like staying there forever.

 But whatever starts has to finish. After the last stop, the rain started getting heavier and then we didn’t stopped anywhere. Our cameras were packed inside and we starting moving back towards the crowded city.




I was completely drenched when I reached home. Just the way I started the trip with tea, I ended it with a tea. Overall a lovely place to visit to do bird photography. Will plan to go there again soon.

You can view rest of the photographs here.

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Written by Sushil Katre

November 8, 2010 at 3:56 PM

Dandeli Trip 2010-10-30

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This was my second trip to Dandeli, what a wonderful place it is. I was alone during my last trip, but this time around it was four of us. Booked the train tickets in Rani Chinnama Express from Bangalore to Alnavar, went in a four wheeler from Alnavar to Haliyal (15-20 min drive) and took a bus from Haliyal to Dandeli (30-40 min drive). It was a familiar smell of paper mill which reminded me of my last visit. After reaching our place we decided to go for rappelling. It was the first time I was trying it out and I must admit was scared. Why?? The person who was supposed to hold the protection rope was talking to another guy out there, he said: “you guys do not use the clamp with the protection rope”? Answer: No. Altough our guy was using it, but I was wondering how careless they can be and had not clue if what our guy was doing was safe enough to bring us down safely, otherwise I would have gone up directly without reaching the ground alive. Anyway since I climbed up, I had to get down of that mountain and decided to do it using ropes.

Went on safari, did a lot of photography and thoroughly enjoyed the trip as you can see below.

For more photographs from this trip chick here

Written by Sushil Katre

November 7, 2010 at 2:44 AM

Dandeli Trip – Day 2

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Day 2 – I got up very early, went out on the roads, started exploring the nearby area. Last night we decided that Manju will take me to placed along with the Pune family. So I was completely dependent on the Pune Family, as to what they are interested in doing and their schedule.

So Day 2, Pune family decided to go to Syntheri Rocks. I’hv heard its a nice place. But, they decided not to take me along with them 😦 May be little skeptical about me. I thought Day 2 will also pass silently.

Spoke to Ravi once again, he introduced me to a guy named Bapu Ji (@9880062897). I was expecting him to be an old man, but to my surprise he was not old at all. He should be in mid 30’s.

Bapu Ji took me to Nissarga Dhama at Dandeliappa on his bike. The owner of that place has got abut 2-3 acre land on the bank of Kali River ( ). This is the place at which waste from Paper Mill also comes.

We started spotting few crocs. Just their rocky head in almost black water. It was very hard to spot them because of the blackish water partly due to the waste coming from paper mill. The water was glittering, so was their head.

It was a little difficult to spot these monsters, but after some time in about 30-45 minutes time, there were plenty. They started coming out. I say one of the Crocs getting into water from the opposite side of bank. I managed to see the whole body of Croc, but didn’t had enough time to take a snap. It was very quick & I was unprepared.

Here are few more –

By the time it was noon, there were plenty of crocs. They were just every where, various size, doing just one thing – charging their battery!!!

In the mean while we spotted two birds. I have got no idea as to what they are called –

This sums up Day 2 at Dandeli. Overall it was a fruitful day. At least for me!!!

Written by Sushil Katre

January 30, 2010 at 10:18 AM

Dandeli Trip – Day 1

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Day 1 – After reaching the lodge, I spoke to a person name Ravi (@9986031762). I cam to know about him through a common friend. He has got a resort and organises activities in Dandeli. If you go unplanned this is what happens – Ravi was not there in town. Fortunately he was returning back and said he should be reaching by noon.

I met Ravi in the afternoon and discussed as to what could be done. He introduced me to his friend Manjunath (@9900671757). So the whole day I was just wandering here and there. I went to Manju’s resort in the night. There was a family from Pune staying at his resort (no place for me to stay, so I had to stick with the same old lodge for few more days). We had dinner together along side a small fire. I have to say that the dinner was really tasty.

While having dinner, we heard some nice, which was coming from the tree. It was as if someone is jumping from one tree to the other or from a branch to other branch. Along with Manju we spotted the Flying Squirrel as its called.

Wiki –
According to Wiki “Flying squirrels are not capable of sustained flight, instead they glide between trees, with flights recorded to 90 meters”.

After having nice dinner, we went on the track, it was very dark outside. This resort is very close to Kali River. We went up the place where a bridge is constructed. The sound of water flowing, when there was no disturbance and in complete darkness was amazing.

That’s it so day 1 passes by silently.

Written by Sushil Katre

January 30, 2010 at 9:59 AM

Trip to Dandeli (Karnataka) [India] – My Fun Travel

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Ok, so here I am, posting after a long gap. Reason – didn’t had a chance to go out on a travel for a long time.

So this month I decided let me a take a week off and go somewhere and roam around. I selected Dandeli for my trip which is about 480 Km from Bangalore. I booked a train for Bangalore to a place called Alnawar which is about 35 Km from Dandeli. I was supposed to leave on Friaday reach Alnawar on Saturday Morning and then to Dandeli (I had no idea as to how I would go to Dandeli from Alnawar). So that Friday I reached home at around 6:30 PM. I though my train is at 11:30 PM, so I was pretty relaxed and started packing my luggage. As always I do the packing at the last moment. all of a sudden when I saw the ticket the departure time mentione was 21:15. The time was 7:30 PM when I saw this. Somehow I managed to catch hold of an auto at 8:00. I had 1 hr 15 mins to reach the railway station. To my surprise I reached the station exactly at 9:00 PM. I breathed a sigh of relief. I got into the train and my journey started.

I didn’t had dinner that night. I had some biscuits and water, managed to get some sleep in the night and landed Alnawar at about 6:30 AM. I come out of the station (which is a very small railway station) and saw few 4 wheelers outside. On enquiring I came to know they are all booked in advance and are going to Dandeli (where I wanted to go), but can’t accomodate me. I was disappointed. I had no clue as to how I can go Dandeli. After asking few people overe there, they told me I have to catch a bus for Haliyal, which is a about 20 mins drive from Alnawar and then I can get another bus from Haliyal to Dandeli which is about 45 mins drive.

I came out of the station and saw a bus whcih just came. I ran towards the bus and IT WAS GOING TO HALIYAL!!! I reached there in about 20 mins. Then I went to Dandeli in a 4 wheeler since the bus was going to take some more time to arrive.

As soon as I reached Dandeli, the next question was where do I go now??? I had no booking for stay… This was a completely unplanned trip apart from the fact that I had railway booking from bangalore to Alnawar. Opposite to the bus stand there was a lodge called State Lodge. I called one of my friends friend who organises adventure activities in Dandeli. He said on a Saturday/Sunday there is very little chance that I would get accomodation here easily and suggested I should stay at State Lodge is I find a place there. I went there, booked a room WHICH WAS PATHETIC, REALLY BAD. But I didn’t had any choice.

This is all for today. I’ll be posting about what I did on each day till I was there at Dandeli.

In summary you can find more information at
How to reach Dandeli from Bangalore??? The route I followed was –

1) Bangalore to Alnawar (480Km) – Rani Chinamma Exp train, takes about 9 hrs
2) Alnawar to Haliyal (20 Mins) – Go out of the Alnawar Station, bus stops right opposite to the exit near few shops
3) Haliyal to Dandeli (45 Mins) – From Haliyal Bus Station, you can either get a bus or 4 wheelers and you’ll land up at Dandeli Bus Station, opposite to which is ??? STATE LODGE

Written by Sushil Katre

December 27, 2009 at 9:51 PM

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